U.S. President Joe Biden has asked the leaders to the three largest tech companies to the White House to seek methods for private companies to fight against cyber attacks. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Apple CEO Tim Cook, and Amazon CEO Andy Jassy will all attend the upcoming meeting.

According to Bloomberg, the Biden administration is concerned about the increasing number of attacks against government organizations and infrastructure. Biden has spoke about state-sponsored attacks, including telling Russian president Vladimir Putin that such attacks should be “off limits”.

Biden describes the U.S. as at risk from cyberattacks. Many such threats are born from software services used by government organizations. Those software integrations are mostly provided by giants like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, etc.

Joining Jassy, Cook, and Nadella will be executives from IBM, Google, JPMorgan Chase, and Southern Co. Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon (Web Services), along with FireEye and Cisco are also part of a government program to protect critical infrastructure. It is unclear if the other tech giants will join the effort.

Microsoft Attacks

As the leading enterprise software provider and the second biggest cloud service provider, Microsoft bears the brunt of cyber attacks.

This year, Microsoft Exchange Server was successfully attacked through an exploit first used by the HAFNIUM group. More hackers have since leveraged the exploit for their own attacks. Microsoft sent out patches for all versions of the service, including those out of support. Although, these patches need users to install the update. Attacks on Microsoft Exchange are ongoing and are the biggest attack threat of 2021.

Even more so than the SolarWinds vulnerability that was exploited by the Solarigate malware

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