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SolarWinds Addresses Multiple Vulnerabilities in Access Rights Manager

Multiple critical flaws have been discovered and patched in SolarWinds Access Rights Manager (ARM), a tool for managing user access rights.

Microsoft Security Team Describes New SolarWinds Exploit Originating from China

Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center says a new SolarWinds zero-day targeting the Serv-U software is being used by Chinese hackers.

CISA Debuts Windows 10 Checking Tool Against SolarWinds Attacks

A CISA tool called CHIRP can scan Windows 10, Microsoft 365, and Azure for instances of the SolarWinds Solarigate malware.

Microsoft Open Source CodeQL Used in Solarigate (SolarWinds Attack) Investigation

Microsoft used a CodeQL to investigate the SolarWinds Solarigate malware across its products and has now open sourced it.

Microsoft Criticized for Uneven SolarWinds Cyberattack Response

Some believe Microsoft is sending mixed messages about the SolarWinds attacks, including claims no Microsoft software has been breached.
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Malwarebytes Confirms SolarWinds-Related Attack Through Microsoft 365 and Azure

Security company Malwarebytes says it has been targeted by a SolarWinds-related attack coming from Microsoft services.

DoJ Confirms Microsoft 365 Breach Related to the SolarWinds Attack

Attackers have breached the DoJ through Microsoft 365 accounts by using the Solarigate malware from the SolawWinds Orion vulnerability.

Microsoft President Says SolarWinds Malware Attack is a “Moment of Reckoning”

Microsoft’s Brad Smith says the ongoing SolarWinds Orion hack creates “serious technological vulnerability for the United States and the world”.

Microsoft Defender Ups Protection Against Malware Affecting SolarWinds’ Orion App

Microsoft Defender is now quarantining malicious binaries from the infected SolarWinds Orion app following a recent breach.

TeamViewer Network Breach Linked to Russian Hackers

TeamViewer has confirmed a breach in its internal network, attributing the incident to an advanced persistent threat (APT) hacker group in Russia. The company...
Windows 11 Recall official

Microsoft Postpones Windows Recall Feature for Enhanced Security Testing

Microsoft’s plan to delay the feature and enhance is a reaction to widespread criticism from privacy advocates and cybersecurity experts.

Microsoft’s Security Pricing Strategy Sparks Controversy Amid Vulnerability Concerns

Microsoft criticized for charging extra for essential security features in its products like Microsoft 365, despite data breaches.
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Concerns Mount Over Microsoft’s Control and Security Failures in Federal IT

US government reliance on Microsoft for IT raises security concerns. Expert suggests fostering competition and holding Microsoft accountable
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Microsoft Reveals Depth of Midnight Blizzard Cyber Attack in SEC Filing

Russian hackers (Cozy Bear) stole Microsoft source code after infiltrating emails. Microsoft is investigating

Microsoft Ramps up Security with AI and Automation in Wake of Azure Attacks

Microsoft is boosting its security processes by using AI in the new Secure Future Initiative, following spate of recent attacks.

Microsoft Addresses Azure Vulnerability after Harsh Criticism from Cybersecurity Experts

Microsoft defends its handling of security vulnerabilities, stating it follows an extensive process involving a thorough investigation, update development, and compatibility testing.

Cybersecurity Expert Calls Microsoft´s Security Practices “Grossly Irresponsible”

Amit Yoran from Tenable is highly critical of Microsoft´s handling of security vulnerabilities and says the shared responsibility model promoted by cloud providers is irretrievably broken.

US Senator Calls for Investigation into Microsoft Storm-0558 Gov. Email Hack

Ron Wyden asks the agencies to examine whether Microsoft's security practices allowed the breach.

Google Takes Aim at Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Practices

Google has accused Microsoft of anti-competitive practices in the cloud computing market to boost its Azure platform.

OpenSSF to Use Microsoft’s Open Source Software Security Guidelines

OpeSSF, the foundation co-founded by Microsoft, is now adopting the company’s Secure Supply Chain Consumption Framework guidelines.

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