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Microsoft Announces Windows 11 Developer Event on June 24

All you developers worried Microsoft is leaving you out of the Windows 11 party rejoice, the company has a separate developer event scheduled.


is just days away from officially launching Windows 11 at a virtual event on June 24. However, thanks to an ISO build leak, we have already got the platform and told you what you can expect in terms of features. That preview showed that is going to be a consumer-focused update centered on design and customization.

However, Microsoft makes the bulk of its Windows revenue from enterprise and not consumers. Of course, we expect to hear a lot about how Windows 11 will benefit organizations too. Still, it is clear at first glance Microsoft is once against making a push to consumers, a market the company has often struggled with.

It is also arguably a fool's errand considering the average consumer is not interest in buying a PC in 2021, whether it has Windows 11 or any other platform. Still, if Microsoft is to find success with consumers – and indeed continue to thrive in enterprise – it will need developers along for the ride.

Amid the leaks and speculation around Windows 11, there has been very little information regarding changes for developers. It now seems Microsoft was holding back and is going to host a second virtual event following the Windows 11 reveal, with a specific focus on developers.


Developer Event

A tweet by the Windows Developer team announced the event would happen at 3ppm ET on June 24. In other words, as soon as the Windows 11 event finishes. Unfortunately, that is the only information the tweet reveals. Barring some leaks next week, we will have to tune into the event to see what Microsoft has planned.

Some rumors include the company allowing apps to be available in the . This would help to address the app gap that has plagued Windows 10.The video page for the event is now on YouTube should you want to take your seat 6 days early.

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