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Microsoft Develops TooManyTears.AI to Create Never-Ending Mix of Warren Hue Song

Microsoft has taken a new song from Warren Hue and created TooManyTears.AI, a never-ending remix set to the changing mood of landscapes streams.


sometimes links with famous artists and entertainers to boost the appeal of its services. In the latest partnership, the company is teaming with renowned Indonesian singer Warren Hue. Specifically, Microsoft is leveraging its artificial intelligence to create a “never-ending remix” of Hue's Too Many Tears.

To accompany the remix of Warren Hue's latest track, Microsoft has created a web portal. At TooManyTears.AI, users can listen to the never-ending remix while seeing images from San Gabriel Valley.

Microsoft says the AI knows what time of day it is an adapts with different moods depending on morning or night. Because it never ends, the company points out the AI aims for “longer, more contemplative loops of music.”

In collaboration with 88rising, Microsoft sets images scouted by the tech company. It's important to point out the images are live through a camera with a high-speed internet connection. Images from the best views found by 88rising in the San Gabriel Valley are streaming 27/7 on TooManyTears.AI courtesy of Virtual Machines.

Live Stream

Microsoft's AI scans the streams for transitions between morning to day and dusk to night. When transitons are seen, the AI creates Audio mixes that match the mood.

According to the company, the project is a celebration of “the dynamic San Gabriel Valley, one of the most ethnically diverse regions in the country and home to a vibrant Asian-American population and culture.”

Microsoft director of strategic partnerships Amy Sorokas says “88rising's multi-faceted approach to showcasing Asian and Asian-American artists and culture is exciting, and they've shown a willingness to experiment and collaborate.”

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