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Microsoft Edge Gets a Kids Mode That Gives Parents More Control Over the Browser

With Microsoft Edge Kids Mode, parents can control what websites their kids visit, while Edge also blocks adult content by default.


There are many dangers for children on the web these days, including seeing offensive content, fake news, or even unwittingly falling victim to a cyberattack. In its continued effort to make the Edge browser appealing to users, is debuting a new Kids Mode.

As the name suggests, this will provide a more kid-friendly browsing experience. Parents will also get deeper options to control how their children browse online. Kids Mode is a free part of the browser that you can toggle on the Windows 10 and macOS versions of the app.

All you need to do to activate the mode is head to the user profile section and choose “Browse in Kids Mode”. There are two versions of the mode available depending on the age of the child. Parents can choose between a mode for kids aged five to eight, and one for those aged nine to 12 years-old.

With both choices, you can create strict controls, including the ability to stop tracking across Edge. Bing SafeSearch is also enabled by default in Kids Mode, removing any adult context from searches, images, and videos.

 The major difference between the two versions of Kids Mode is the older versions includes , with a special MSN feed focused on kids. Of course, this will be specifically curated content that is ready for child viewers.

More Controls

Importantly, Edge Kids Mode also gives parents controls over what sites their children visit. 70 popular kid-focused websites are enabled as default, but you can enable and disable any website you choose. If your child attempts to visit a website not on your list, Edge will surface a block page that tells them to ask permission.

In a blog post this week, Microsoft's corporate VP Liat Ben-Zur csays Kids Mode a “game-changer for parents who are juggling all the demands of life today.”

Of course, no kids tool would really be complete without Disney tentacles in it. As such, Microsoft has also partnered with the Mouse House for Kids Mode:

“We also collaborated with Disney to create custom Microsoft Edge themes from several animated movies like Disney's “Frozen,” “The Little Mermaid,” and Disney and Pixar's “Finding Nemo,” “Cars,” “Toy Story” and “Coco.” You'll see additional Disney and Pixar Microsoft Edge browser themes added to our theme picker in the coming months.”

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