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Microsoft Patent Shows Surface Duo 2 Shockproof Hinge Mechanism

A new Microsoft patent points to the Surface Duo 2 possibly getting a special shock absorbent bumper for hinge mechanism.


Microsoft’s Surface Duo Android smartphone got mixed reviews when it launched last year. However, while most people expected more from the software, the Duo won almost universal praise for the hardware, including the amazing hinge mechanism.

As Microsoft moves ahead to future generations of the Surface Duo, the company wants to improve on the first iteration. Of course, that means solving some of the software issues and old specs of the OG model. Still, Microsoft will also work to improve the already amazing hinge system.

While it’s unclear what is planned for the Surface Duo 2, a new Microsoft patent suggests it may get a new “impact resistant” hinge.

In the patent filing, Microsoft describes a mechanism that will absorb bumps and drops. According to Windows Central, the patent shows how the dual screens of the Surface Duo will be better protected thanks to a new bumper system. It is unclear what the bumper material will be, but it will be shock absorbent.


In the patent, Microsoft highlights how the mechanism will work:

“A computing device includes a first portion (102) and a second portion (104) rotatable relative to each other about a hinge. A bumper (112) is located between the hinge and the first portion. The bumper includes an impact-resistant material. The impact-resistant material absorbs some or all of the force from an impact between a hinge body and the first portion.

“A computer device contains a first part ( 102) and a second part (104), which can be rotated relative to each other around a hinge. A bumper (112) is located between the hinge and the first section. The bumper contains a shock-resistant material. The shock-resistant material absorbs part or all of the force of a shock between a hinge body and the first section.”

Microsoft has not said if the Surface Duo 2 will debut this year, but it would be a mistake if it did not. The smartphone market is not about falling still and no new device in 2021 would leave Microsoft playing catch-up again.

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