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LinkedIn Creator Mode Signals Microsoft’s Push into the Creators Space

Microsoft has announced a new LinkedIn Creators Mode that gives creators more specific tools on the business social media platform.


has often been cool on creators, or at least never paid much attention to the creator space. Sure, we got the Windows 10 Creators Updates a few years back, but many of the ideas in those releases fizzled out. Now it seems the company is ready to get back into the creators space by leveraging .

While Facebook has already gone deep into the creators space, LinkedIn is only now heading in the same direction. Microsoft hopes its business-centric social network can match its rivals, which also include the likes of and Pinterest.

Specifically, Microsoft is launching Creator Mode in LinkedIn. As the name suggests, this is a central hub for creators, much like the existing Influencer Mode. When users access LinkedIn Creator Mode, the Activity and Featured sections of their profile will move to the top.

Furthermore, the “Connect” button will become the “Follow” button. LinkedIn says this new button will “help you engage your community and build a following.”

“With creator mode, you can add hashtags to indicate what topics you post about the most — for example, #design or #mentorship… And, if you're a LinkedIn Live broadcaster, your Profile background will now show your Live broadcast when you start streaming, helping to increase the visibility of your content.”

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The company says the decision to develop Creator Mode came from users. LinkedIn points out it has seen a 50% increase in conversations during the last year. Also during the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 50 million connections were made on the platform.

LinkedIn is rolling out Creator Mode to all users starting today. It seems this is a gradual rollout so not all users will have access to the mode straight away. Although, we expect the launch to complete soon.

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