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Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 4 Likely to Get AMD Variant with Custom Surface Edition Chip

Microsoft will apparently continue to embrace AMD with a variant of the Surface Laptop 4, which will launch later this year.


With 's Surface Pro 7+ launch out of the way, the company is now looking ahead to other Surface hardware releases in 2021. One device likely to land this year is the Surface Laptop 4. While Microsoft has made no official announcement, 2019's Laptop 3 will be due an upgrade.

One early rumor for the Surface Laptop 4 is Microsoft will release a variant with an AMD chip. This would continue Microsoft's relationship with AMD following the launch of an AMD version of the Surface Laptop 3 two years ago.

We have been charting the likelihood of the company once again embracing AMD for the new model. It shows Microsoft's ongoing willingness to diversify its chip partnerships. More than just relying on silicon, Microsoft is increasingly working with AMD and the likes of Qualcomm for ARM chips.

Microsoft is part of a wider shift that is seeing Intel's traditional dominance chipped away. Last year, debuted its own ARM-based M1 chip for a new generation of MacBook's. However, the company still also sells Intel variants.


Windows Latest reports the Surface Laptop 4 will likely arrive later in 2021 and will ship with a new AMD variant. That version will get an AMD Ryzen 5 3590 U. It will be a custom version of the silicon known as the Surface Edition and comes with 12 threads, 5 cores, and a clock speed of 2.20GHz.

The information comes from a GeekBench benchmark result that shows the chipset with the codename Renoir. This is probably a placeholder for the AMD Ryzen 5 Surface Edition considering the same title is used in the .

We'll have to wait until Microsoft's launch of the product to see how the chip adds to performance of the Laptop 4. As usual, we are firmly in the rumor stage of this product pre-launch, so take the information with a grain of salt.

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