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Microsoft’s Azure Studio Alpha Solutions Applies Gaming Principles to Big Business

Microsoft is debuting a new Azure-powered solution called Studio Alpha, aimed at brining gaming ideals to enterprise and government organizations.


Around 10 years ago, there were persistent rumors would sell off its Xbox brand and take a back seat in gaming. Fast forward to 2020 and Xbox is alive and well. More importantly, whether Xbox lives or dies, it's clear Microsoft is now one of the major players in the gaming market.

Microsoft has been snapping up major game studios for years, but the company is also working on developments behind the scenes. We already know about and the push towards the “Netflix of gaming”. However, with the new Azure Studio Alpha solution, Microsoft is upping the ante further.

With Studio Alpha, Microsoft is taking its concepts for game studios and applying it to the world of governance. It's gaming ideals for the enterprise grade customers. Specifically, the U.S. Department of Defense and eventually other businesses.

So, what are the principles of Microsoft's gaming output that reflect in this new Azure service? Well, Studio Alpha will help customers simulate real-world behaviors in a virtual world. Needless to say, for the DoD, this kind of gamification could be immensely powerful across a range of applications.

Gamifying Enterprise

ZDNet points to job posts on Microsoft's careers website that describe the project as a “serious gaming initiative”. The company adds the following descriptor to the posts:

“Empowering Organizations to solve complex planet-scale massive data problems using simulation and artificial intelligence run in the Cloud and visualized using Gaming technology.”

The U.S. Marines became the first partner for Studio Alpha. The armed forces group will use the software to simulate wargames, which are currently extremely old-fashioned with limited tech input. Microsoft's new project wants to change the approach by providing access to AI and machine learning, cloud services, and data to help drive a new era of conflict practice and preparation.

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