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Microsoft Says Minecraft has Passed 100 Million Sales

The company announced that popular world building game Minecraft has sold more than 100 million copies, and customers are still buying it in huge numbers.


purchased publisher Mojang two years ago in a $2.5 billion deal, and with good reason as it was clear the game still had so much potential. At the time, Minecraft had sold more than 50 million copies, but there was still huge potential for growth. The potential continues to be fulfilled as Microsoft said today Minecraft has now sold more than 100 million copies.

Added to the company's plans for Minecraft as an educational and tech tool, its commercial sales continue to be a huge success. Over all platforms (PC, Mobile, and home consoles), the game has shifted 100 million copies, and its success seems to have more legs yet, with Microsoft saying Minecraft is selling 53,000 copies a day in 2016.

As huge media empire that includes merchandise and various spin-offs, it is easy to forget that Minecraft started as a humble developer project created in a bedroom. It quickly grew in popularity as gamers became addicted to the simple yet expansive world building scope offered by the game. It is now the second most popular game in history.


To celebrate passing the 100 million milestone, Microsoft has made a nice graphic that breaks down the exact details of Minecraft's success across the globe. The game also has a massive core community, with some 40 million unique gamers across all platforms every month.

Microsoft's plans for Minecraft stretch beyond the title as a commercial gaming experience, with the company viewing its potential in high science and education. Minecraft Education Edition will go live this month, allowing educators to incorporate the game into their teaching plans. Microsoft has also recently used Minecraft to show off advanced AI and advances in virtual reality realism.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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