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Sony Permabanning Accounts Accessing PlayStation Plus on Borrowed PlayStation 5 Consoles

Some users are borrowing PlayStation 5 consoles to access their PlayStation Plus account to redeem free PS4 games… Sony is unimpressed.


It seems Sony is banning PlayStation Network (PSN) account holders who access their account from a borrowed . Cases of this happening are spreading online suggesting Sony is actively looking for users accessing their PlayStation Plus Collection on a PS5 that is not theirs.

Like Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus allows users to access some PS4 games for free under a subscription model. However, with the launch of the PS5, Sony added an interesting and confusing quirk to the platform.

Specifically, the company only allows players to claim the free PS4 games through a PS5. Once they have redeemed the game, they can play it on (as well as PS5). However, most PS4 owners with PlayStation Plus do not yet have the PS5.

To still get the free games, those account holders are borrowing PlayStation 5 consoles from friends, singing into their account, and claiming the games.


In fact, some PS5 owners are selling access to their console digitally to allow people to claim their free PS4 games. Sony seems to be saying an emphatic no to this practice and is now banning account holders accessing their library on a borrowed PS5.

More accurately, the company is reportedly taking the following actions:

  • Completely banning accounts tied to the PlayStation 5 (the console owner)
  • Temporary bans for the PS4 users who are borrowing the PS5.

The company also tells users with banned accounts to contact customer support. It is unclear if this is Sony providing a potential path to accounts being reinstated or not. Either way, the company has yet to officially confirm this practice, but many users are now reporting it is happening.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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