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Microsoft Digital Marketing Center Arrives as Hub for Managing Marketing Campaigns

Microsoft Digital Marketing Center is a new platform that allows marketers to manage their whole ad and marketing output.


Many small businesses are told they should be heavily involved in digital marketing, but often don't know how to leverage their brand online. Whether it's , email, classic ads, or SEO, there are a lot of digital marketing ideas to get lost in. wants to make the process a littler easier with its new Microsoft Digital Marketing Center.

Launched today, the Microsoft Digital Marketing Center is a project that allows businesses and customers to manage their online marketing presence. It taps into major ad platforms and social networks to provide an overview and a central hub for boosting visibility.

Users can set up advertising campaigns quickly, matching output to their budget. It is also possible to automate ads with the Digital Marketing Center learning from previous ads you create. By leveraging AI, Microsoft is able to help users automatically manage their budget and get the best outcomes on campaigns.

Elsewhere, Microsoft says it's simple to generate reports to review key areas of digital marketing. Furthermore, the Center also acts as a creation service. Marketers can build content and link it to ad and social platforms.

Microsoft has been piloting the program in recent months. Now, the company says the Digital Marketing Center is available in an open beta. However, it seems the service is only available in the U.S. so far.

Digital Marketing Center Features

  • “Create campaigns quickly: Set advertising goals, define targeting, create ads, and establish a daily budget and easily run your campaigns across multiple channels.
  • Draft and automate ad content: Write a few ads to start, then watch as Digital Marketing Center creates additional ones for you to optimize your campaign performance.
  • Optimize your returns with AI: Sit back as the AI behind the tool automatically distributes your budget across platforms to help you get the best return on ad performance, no need to monitor yourself.
  • Analyze reports: Review key metrics like impressions, clicks, and engagements, across multiple ad platforms, all in one place.
  • Create and publish content: Draft and schedule content to publish on linked and Twitter accounts.
  • Interact with your customers: Like and reply to comments on posts to your Facebook, Twitter, and business accounts.”

If you want to know more about the Microsoft Digital Marketing Center, check out the official web portal here. Microsoft's announcement is at the source.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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