Back in June, Microsoft made available a Windows Update with the “KB4559309” tag. This was an update that helped to deliver the new Chromium Microsoft Edge browser to all Windows 10 users. Microsoft was killing off the legacy Edge app. However, this update was found to cause problems for many users.

Specifically, users found Windows Update KB4559309 was causing system performance problems. Microsoft is now removing this update from the catalog.

It’s worth noting this update has nothing to do with Microsoft Edge. Furthermore, removing it does not mean Microsoft is blocking the new Edge experience. The browser was delivered through several updates, KB4559309 was just one of them.

Users found this update was killing their performance and was most noticeable upon system startup. Furthermore, because the update was an automatic release, many users had no option about whether to install it or not.

New Update

Microsoft’s Feedback Hub lit up with complaints from users and Microsoft said it was investigating the issue. After that investigation and more complaints, Microsoft confirmed a replacement for the update. Users can now install Windows Update KB4576754.

“This update replaces previously released updates KB4541301, KB4541302 and KB4559309,” the company says.

That should put an end to any performance issues and again, this new update will install automatically. It also enables the new Microsoft Edge experience, replacing the old app in Windows 10.

Microsoft’s original Edge browser was built on the company’s EdgeHTML rendering platform. In December 2018, Microsoft announced it would switch Edge to Google’s Chromium platform. Since then, Chromium Edge has moved through preview and became widely available in January this year as a manual update. .

With these KB updates, Microsoft is bringing the browser to Windows 10 automatically.