Microsoft provided a fast reaction of the COVID-19 pandemic with its Bing Maps coronavirus tracker. Arriving at the start of the crisis in March, the tracker shows a worldwide overview of COVID-19 data by compiling information online.

In an update to the tracker, Microsoft says Bing Maps can now track and chart COVID-19 vaccines. According to the company, the tool can find vaccine candidates around the world and users can track progress of trials.

Of course, no vaccine for COVID-19 exists. However, there are several in-development vaccines that are being explored. For those who are tracking COVID-19 information, the Bing Maps expansion could be a valuable tool.

Bing Against COVID

During the crisis, the Bing COVID-19 tracker has been used by millions to get accurate information and up-to-date data on the spread of the virus.

It allows users to view various aspects of the outbreak, such cases per country, currently active cases, recovered cases, and fatalities. In the United States, the interactive map offers more granular controls, such as state-by-state information.

For more local information, users can go deeper into data from individual countries. When a nation is selected, Bing search will surface news stories and videos related to COVID-19 from that country.

Microsoft leverages data from the World Health Organization (WHO), the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), and Wikipedia, to ensure information is accurate and timely.

Bing was also used to bring a COVID-19 search function directly into the Windows 10 Search bar. Windows users can now tap directly into the Bing coronavirus interactive map. Alternatively, you can select the headlines button to be taken to MSN (Microsoft News) to see the latest news on COVID-19.