All reports and movement point to Microsoft launching the Surface Duo in August. Of course. the company introduced the Android smartphone last October. During the interim time, the company has been working to bring the device to launch-ready maturity.

However, it seems the software package first adopters of the Duo receive will not be the final one. Instead, Microsoft looks to be working on constantly improving the app bundle that is available on the smartphone.

According to a new Redmond job post, the company is looking for a Senior Software Development Engineer. Under this role, the employee will work on Android apps that highlight the dual-screen of the Surface Duo.

Microsoft will also develop a software roadmap for these future applications. It is worth noting that those early buyers of the Duo won’t miss out on anything. Any new apps that are developed for the device will be available on already purchased units.

Expanding Functionality

This is arguably an important step for Microsoft. Many smartphone manufacturers have a rounded collection of base apps that arrive with their devices. You can think of these as similar to native Windows apps. Because Microsoft has not built smartphones for years and never on Android, these kinds of apps are something the Duo will need.

Yes, Microsoft can call on an arsenal of services like Office, but those little task-oriented apps will be important, especially for the dual-screen nature of the Duo. While the handset will launch with a collection of these apps, Microsoft clearly wants to flesh out the catalog over time.

That means users can expect the functionality of the Surface Duo to increase in the months following its release.