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Xbox Series X Smart Delivery Provides Free Xbox One Game Upgrades

Xbox Series X Smart Delivery will allow customers to get a Series X version of a game they bought for the Xbox One, and dev’s can’t charge for it.


When launches the this fall, the company does not want to shut users from the party. Redmond is aware many consumers won't be upgrading to the Series X immediately, even if many will. For those staying on the Xbox One for the time being, a feature called Smart Delivery will help when buying games.

Games will ship for both Xbox Series X and Xbox One. Smart Delivery means customers buying for Xbox One don't have to worry about losing the game when they upgrade to the Series X. When the console upgrade is made, the available game will be the corresponding Series X version.

It is worth noting this is not Microsoft's Xbox Backward Compatibility, which will be supported on the new console. Backward Compatibility means users can put their Xbox One game discs into the Series X and play them.

Smart Delivery is different, it ensures the users get the proper Series X version of the title. This includes Microsoft Game Studios titles and third-party games. VGC reports developers are hardly thrilled by this idea, especially since Microsoft won't let them charge for the Smart Delivery upgrade.

A Good Idea

For console upgraders who remember the days of the past, Smart Delivery is an interesting idea. A fine example if Grand Theft Auto 5, which debuted on the Xbox 360 right at the end of that consoles' life-cycle in 2013.

Within a year, the Xbox One was available and an enhanced version of GTA V was available. Customers were left needing to buy the game again to get the game for the newer console.

It seems Smart Delivery will help to avoid such scenarios from happening.

Later this month, Microsoft is hosting a game showcase for the Xbox Series X. The event will detail first-party exclusives coming to the console. Perhaps Smart Delivery will be on the agenda during the virtual event.

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