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Microsoft Confirms Mixer, Xbox Live, and Office 365 Are Working Again Following Outage

Microsoft suffered an outage across Xbox Live, Mixer, Office 365, and Xbox Live support on Sunday, but all services are back to normal.


Through Sunday afternoon and into the early hours of Monday morning, suffered of outages caused by cloud problems. and were the first services to go dark last night, followed by support for Xbox Live. Next, the outage extended to some tools on .

It is worth noting Microsoft has since confirmed Xbox Live, Mixer, and Xbox Live support are all now back up. However, the company is also experiencing some unrelated issues with Microsoft Teams today.

Microsoft confirmed through its Xbox Support Twitter account that Xbox Live and Mixer were affected by the outage. The Xbox Live status page was also down so the team was forced to update through Twitter.

Mixer also went down as confirmed by the service's status page, with the following message:

“Update – A data center networking outage is having impact across several services. Engineers are engaged and working on mitigating the issue.”

Mixer was the first service to return, although it seems some users are experiencing missing thumbnails. Microsoft says those users should restart their stream to get thumbnails back.

“Monitoring – Due to the recent issues, some channel thumbnails are still missing. We are aware of this issue and they are in process of being restored. A few channels may require restarting their stream to fully recover, but doesn't impact viewers from access or enjoying their favorite streamers channel.”

Late last night, Microsoft confirmed Xbox Live and its official support also returned to full functionality following the blackout.

Office 365

Microsoft's cloud outages also extended to Office 365 with users complaining they could not sign into the service. It seems this was a separate issue and caused by Microsoft's West Central US Azure region.

It affected Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Intune, Exchange Online, Power BI, and other services. Microsoft has since announced Office 365 is now working properly again after being down just over an hour.

“Final status: We've confirmed that service traffic was successfully routed to alternate infrastructure to expedite mitigation. Additionally, we've taken the necessary actions to restore power for the affected datacenter, enabling us to revert traffic back to its primary pathway.”

Last Updated on September 14, 2020 4:25 pm CEST

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