Windows 10’s New Icons Are Rolling out to More Apps

Windows 10's new icons for Film & TV and Alarms & Clock are rolling out to all, while others have received a shiny new calculator.

General users are receiving more of 's beautiful Windows 10 icons after updates to Mail and Calendar last week. The new look now extends to Films & TV, Alarms & Clock, and more. Others say they're seeing new Calculator, , and Voice recorder icons.

Unfortunately, some of these icons are still looking a bit strange on 10 for now. Each sits fairly small in the middle of a blue tile, rather than having a transparent background. This means they aren't quite as pretty as in 's showcase and don't have the same minimal readability of before. With hope, this will be addressed in future OS updates.

Either way, it's been a long time coming. Microsoft started work on its icon refresh in December 2018 but expanded its vision significantly to reach apps across the OS. This is likely due to the incoming release of 10X, where the icons look really at home.


If you don't have the icons already, you may be able to grab them by heading to the store, manually launching each of the apps, and waiting for them to . For now, these icons are limited to Windows 10 1909, the latest version.

The main principle of the icon redesign is to move away from the boring flat style we're all used to while remaining recognizable. The new efforts feature far more depth and color variance and have a more modern, rounded style.

We're sure to see more of these roll out in the coming weeks, so keep your apps updated and your eye Microsoft's showcase.