Microsoft has today announced two new Xbox Wireless Controllers. Namely, the company introduced the Special Edition Xbox Wireless Controller Phantom Magenta and the Xbox Wireless Controller Arctic Camo.

Microsoft is promoting the pair of peripherals as ideal for Xbox One users who collect Xbox Wireless Controllers. I never personally knew that was a thing, but Microsoft says that it most definitely is.

Either way, let’s take a look at the new controllers.


The new Xbox Wireless Controller Phantom Magenta Special Edition is the third controller in the Phantom Series. It has a clear sci-fi inspired design which Redmond says is similar to “Ghost in Shell” and “Ex-Machina”.

“Highlighted by an ultra-saturated magenta color effect transitioning to translucent, the Xbox Wireless Controller – Phantom Magenta Special Edition joins the Phantom Series in a bold way.”

Microsoft’s Phantom Magenta controller is launching March 17 and coasts $69.99. It is open for pre-orders from today from the Microsoft Store.

Arctic Camo Special Edition

The Xbox Wireless Controller Arctic Camp Special Edition is the second in Microsoft’s Camo series of controllers. It has a Winter Camo design colored in white and grey.

“By using frosted transparent resin in the camo pattern, the controller camouflages itself from the inside-out. The diamond-texture on its triggers helps maintain a level of extra technical precision in this series.”

Microsoft will launch the Arctic Camp controlled in May. Again, pre-orders are open today across the globe from Microsoft Stores and retail partners.

There is also separate charging stands available for the controllers coming to customers in North America for $49.99.