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Google Introduces New Gmail Search Filters Called Chips

Google is finally addressing the average search experience in Gmail with Search Chips that allow more granular filters.


is the dominant search provider and also one of the leaders in email clients through . However, the company has struggled to seamlessly integrate both services together. Sure, Gmail has a search element, but it can be frustrating when trying to search for individual emails.

In an effort to make the search tool on Gmail more powerful, Google is making some changes. The company is working on a new filter that it calls “Search Chip”.

Under the new feature, users will see a series of filter buttons on top of search results when you search for a keyword. For example, the filters include “Exclude chats” and “Has attachments”. You can also choose to search based on a date selector.

Further filters include choosing the attachment type you want to search for, such as PDF, image, or Doc. The idea behind the new filters (which Google calls Chips for some reason) will make it easier to refine searches and find exact emails.

That said, the feature is not available to general users on Gmail yet. Google says it will firstly be available on . No announcement date has been given for a wider roll out, although the company says it is coming.

Outlook Integration

At the end of last year, an important step for Gmail was taken when announced the client now integrates with its Outlook service.

Users can link their Google Account to Outlook.com, allowing, Gmail, Drive documents, and Google Calendar to appear in Microsoft's client. When information from those Google services is available, they will be automatically included in Outlook.com.

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