Microsoft has an important expansion in store for its web mail service. According to a leak, the company is planning a full integration of Google products into the client. Specifically, Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive will be available directly in Outlook on the web.

Detailed by Twitter user Florian B, Microsoft has already started development of the integration and it is working in some accounts. Florian B was able to access the Google services and screenshot them for his tweet.

Users can link their Google Account to, allowing, Gmail, Drive documents, and Google Calendar to appear in Microsoft’s client. When information from those Google services is available, they will be automatically included in

You may know Microsoft already allows this action in Outlook on iOS and Android. This web integration works similarly, with inboxes set side-by-side.

Looking at the individual services, the Google Drive integration allows documents and files to appear in Outlook. Users can attach these files directly to emails written in or in Gmail (through Outlook).

WinBuzzer looked into its own integration and could not see the Google integrations. Florian suggests this is early testing and only a single Google Account can be added. If you have received the integrations, let us know in the comments below.

Microsoft has not mentioned the integration so it remains unclear when the company plans for a full launch.

Fluent Design Icons

During the summer, Microsoft made a design change in, adding Fluent Design icons. Earlier, Microsoft rolled out its new Outlook for web experience to all users. Originally announced at Ignite 2018, the overhaul of Microsoft’s email service on browsers has been in preview over the last eight months.