Some users of the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 are complaining about their device suffering a cracked screen. Announced and launched last October, the devices are still well within warranty. However, Microsoft has so far offered nothing official on the issue.

So far, the Surface Laptop has been a success for Microsoft. It was the company’s first ever true laptop and helped the Surface brand spread to more customers. Now in its third iteration, Microsoft got more experimental with the device, adding a 15-inch model and an AMD variant.

The situation with cracked screen was revealed by Rafael Rivera on Twitter (via ONMSFT), who pointed to Reddit threads discussing the problem.

No-one has an answer for what is causing the problem, but the obvious reason would be a hardware flaw. Microsoft has not yet officially addressed this problem and it will be interesting to see how widespread it is.

As mentioned, Surface Laptop 3 users will still be under warranty so if this is a quality control issue, they would be subject to recalls. We will keep you updated when Microsoft responds to this problem.

Surface Laptop 3

The third generation Surface Laptop comes with the 10th Gen Intel-core processor. Microsoft says the device is three times more powerful than the Apple MacBook Air. Intel’s CPU is coupled with 8GB of RAM and 512GB of SSD storage.

Microsoft also introduced a 15-inch variant of the Surface Laptop 3. This version retains the same 3:2 aspect ratio as the smaller model despite that larger IPS display. AMD Ryzen is on board with a Microsoft Surface edition of the processer.