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Developers Have Managed to Hack Windows 10X onto a Macbook and Surface Go

Microsoft's Windows 10X emulator has been utilized to grab the OS image for installation on Macbooks, Surface Go's, and Thinkpads.


's shiny new Windows 10X OS has months until its release but that hasn't stopped developers from installing it on a and . By extracting the image from the company's recent emulator release, enterprising devs have managed to get up to all kinds of things.

One of these interesting hacks comes from app/game creator Steve Troughton-Smith, who has managed to Get running on his Surface Go. Touch and Wi-Fi drivers aren't installed by default, but it appears to run quite well other than that. Obviously, the Go only has a single display, so it'll split your screen in half.

Technical users can do the same by following this tutorial, though it doesn't come without risks. You'll also need a Windows 10 195xx build, a CPU with Hyper-V support, GPU with DCHU drivers, and the ability to disable Secure Boot. If you don't know what any of those things mean, it's probably best to leave it for now and just use the Microsoft-provided emulator.


Meanwhile, 's imbusho has managed to get Windows 10X running on a Macbook, an even more impressive feat. He says most drivers were working out of the box, including his touchpad driver, and shared a short clip of a video and the OS' window behavior.

All of this is good fun, but obviously not a replacement for a full-fat OS. The emulator image can be quite buggy, and is likely to be missing various features. It gives a good idea of the OS, but we probably won't know the full story until its launch with the Surface Neo in October.

For now, this is intended as a way for developers to start creating apps that make use of dual-screen and other capabilities. With a new Action Center, Taskbar, and more, this will be the biggest evolution to Windows in some time, and it's important that app support is there to make use of it.

Last Updated on April 9, 2020 10:07 am CEST

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