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Major tech companies are locked into competition over news delivery. Microsoft, Google, and Apple all provide major new aggregation platforms. For Microsoft, the company wants Windows 10 to make it easier for you to see news on your desktop.

According to Microsoft watcher WalkingCat, the team behind Microsoft News is developing a tool called Project Newsbar.

Project Newsbar would work like a sidebar on Windows 10 and would deliver news content. Microsoft News is still developing the app. However, it is not officially available yet. That said, you can install the tool by installed with a workaround.


When the Newsbar is installed, it will place a sidebar on the side of your Windows 10 desktop. It takes around 10% of the screen but it can be customized. It will also remain visible and push other windows to the left (the remaining 90%).

Like the task bar, you can choose to hide the Newsbar when it is not being used. If you do that, it will reappear when you hover over the side of the screen.

Microsoft News

Project Newsbar will surface stories directly from Microsoft News, including images. Two arrows will allow you to scroll through stories. Items will be surfaced from your preferences on the normal Microsoft News service.

It is unclear when Microsoft will officially launch this app.

Microsoft launched News last year as a replacement for MSN News. By leveraging its AI and machine learning, News gives users more personalization tools. The app can deliver news based on location, preferences, and interests. The app will take this information from other Microsoft services.