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Outlook for iOS Gets Support for iPad’s Split View Multitasking

iPad users can now use Outlook and other apps at the same time, dragging text between them and enhancing productivity.


Several months after the release of SplitView for iPad, has updated Outlook for iOS with full support. For the unfamiliar, the feature lets users section their screen, much like in Windows. Dragging one app beside the other lets you view both at the same time, aiding productivity, with the option to scale their screen real-estate to meet your needs.

However, full support for Split View actually goes further than that. With Outlook 4.23.0, Microsoft is letting you drag and drop text from other apps for easy calendar additions and more.

“Multi-task like a pro with Outlook, now optimized for Split View on iPad. Open your mail and calendar side by side or drag and drop text into a message with your fingertip,” reads the full changelog.

Splitscreen app support is becoming increasingly important for Microsoft as it gears up for the release of its Surface Duo and Surface Neo devices, which will be dual screen. Though these are Android and Windows 10X devices, respectively, it looks like it's willing to share the love with users.

“Feel free to send us any comments or questions through our in-app support in Settings – we'd love to hear from you,” the company emphasizes in regards to its Split View support.

Back in June, Microsoft Edge for iOS also received Split View support. Outlook clearly took a bit longer to implement, so there's hope we'll see it in its other apps soon. You can download Outlook for iPad from the App Store here.

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