Android Emulator for Surface Duo SDK

We’re now counting the time to the launch of the dual-screen Surface Duo smartphone and Surface Neo 2-in-1 in months. Both folding devices will land during holiday season 2020. Ahead of the release, Microsoft is starting to roll out developer tools for both the Duo and Neo.

Furthermore, Redmond has introduced new web standards proposals for developing both pieces of hardware. The Surface Neo Windows 10X 2-in-1, and the Surface Duo Android smartphone are moving ahead with development. We have already seen numerous Microsoft patents reflecting features for both devices.

Now, Microsoft will introduce a preview SDK for Windows 10X in the “coming weeks”. This means Insiders will be able to start working with the platform that underpins the Surface Neo.

In a blog post, Microsoft says it will bring dual-screen Hyper-V emulator support to Windows 10X on February 11. Furthermore, there will be new interfaces for dual-screen support in Windows.

Elsewhere, the SDK will also have native Windows APIs on board that will bring support for UWP and Win32 apps. You may remember Microsoft previously confirmed the Surface Neo will support existing apps.

Surface Duo SDK

Over on Android and the Surface Duo, Microsoft says the SDK is available right now. It comes with documentation and samples highlighting best practices for developers. Furthermore, Insiders can also see more information about the UX design.

You check out an interesting demo showing how this may look in the tweet from Jonas Daehnert above.

In its blog, Microsoft adds the following information about the SDK:

“An Android Emulator with a preview Surface Duo image that is integrated into Android Studio so you can test your app without a physical device. The emulator simulates postures, gestures, hinge angle, mimicking the seam between the two screens, and more. We’ll continue to add functionality over time.”