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Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Pro 7 Get Firmware Improvements to Graphics, Camera, and More

Upgrades to the firmware of the Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Pro 7 should bring better brightness and contrast to the screen, faster graphics, and more.


has pushed firmware updates to the Surface Laptop 3 and Surface Pro 7 that improve performance and fix various bugs. The upgrades touch everything from the control logic to front and rear cameras, UEFI, Iris graphics, and more.

Surface Laptop 3 users should notice improved display brightness in certain scenarios and better graphics stability and performance. Updates to Intel's Smart Sound Technology should also mean better audio performance, while changes to the light sensor system result in better light balance and contrast. There and some differences between upgraded components between the AMD and Intel variants, namely that the AMD SoC doesn't have the graphics improvements.

The Surface Pro 7 side of things focuses primarily on cameras. Performance for the front-facing and rear cameras should be better on various fronts. That extends to the IR camera and IV camera, while upgraded system aggregator and UEFI firmware should mean better battery and Surface Dock USB performance.

Without further ado, here's the full list of changes and their new versions. Note that we're only including the Intel changes for the 3 here as they're the most complete of the two:

Hopefully these improvements will fix any performance issues users have been having. The upgrades to Intel Iris graphics in particular are welcome, as they may squeeze out a little more gaming performance.

Still, anyone looking for serious gaming performance in a Surface device will be waiting on the Surface Book 2. Recently discovered benchmarks suggest it will have up to a GTX 1660 Ti Max-Q, which should be enough to run most modern titles at 1080p 60fps with high settings.

Last Updated on July 10, 2020 9:41 pm CEST

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