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Report: Microsoft Store for Business and Education Will Close This Year

A report suggests Microsoft will remove the Microsoft Store for Business and Education at the end of its financial year.


Recent reports suggest Microsoft is preparing to pull the plug on one of its Microsoft Store forks. Specifically, ZDNet reports the Microsoft Store for Business will soon be closed.

Formerly known as the Windows Store for Business, the outlet allows users to browse and download enterprise-specific apps. More importantly, it gave business-centric app developers a place to get their apps noticed beyond the commercial store.

Interestingly, any app permitted onto the Business Store must be vetted by Microsoft. It will be interesting to see how the company continues to ensure legitimacy once business apps once again fold into the commercial store.

Indeed, the same report also points to the Microsoft Store for Education also reaching the chopping block.

Per the report, the teams that manage the running of both Store forks have decided neither will continue. They are expected to be removed from the wider Microsoft Store by the end of June (June 30).


Of course, that is also the end of Microsoft’s fiscal financial year and usually when the company does a general reorganizing. During yearly reshuffles, divisions are created, closed, and removed, while executives come and go throughout the company. It is also a time when some products and services go through structural changes.

However, it is unclear if June 30 will be the date the Microsoft Store for Business is depreciated or when Microsoft informs end users. Either way, when an announcement comes, expect it to be a few months before the eventual removal.

As this story develops, we will bring you more information.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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