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Windows Terminal Version 8.0 Adds CRT Effects and Tab Features

Microsoft is continuing to add new features to its Windows Terminal preview ahead of its launch in the coming months.


is reportedly developing a new feature for that would allow users to get nostalgic on the app. While still in preview, Terminal is close to version 1.0, which will launch in the spring.

According to information from The Verge, Microsoft is still adding last minute features. Among them is retro-style cathode-ray tube, CRT, effects which will be available in version 0.8. That build should be arriving to preview users of Windows Terminal on Tuesday.

So, you will be able to type commands like back in the 80s. While that's a superficial tool, Microsoft also has something more functional in store.

Specifically, users will be able to search for text directly in tabs. Elsewhere, Microsoft will also introduce a control for adjusting the size of tabs, tab key bindings, and enhanced tabs. Finally, version 0.8 will also add custom default settings.

Terminal Development

Windows Terminal is a new command prompt experience for . Developers can leverage multiple tabs and customize the experience with themes. On that latter front, you'll need to edit a JSON file to access the full suite of customization tools.

The app was launched in preview in June via the Microsoft Store. Microsoft says the full app will be made available in April 2020, alongside Windows 10 20H1.

Recently, Microsoft added a split-panes tool. Terminal has a few keybindings to split panes. These default bindings include Alt+Shift+-, Alt+Shift+= to split horizontally or vertically.

Elsewhere in version 0.7, Microsoft added UI improvements to Windows Terminal. Specifically, the company says the border of the window “are now great”.

SourceThe Verge
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