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Back last month, Microsoft said its Microsoft Teams platform has over 20 million Daily Active Users (DAUs). This number is significantly higher than Slack’s 12 million. However, Slack quickly refuted Microsoft’s numbers as not as impressive as they seem. Now, a CNBC survey has found Microsoft Teams is used twice as much as Slack.

The Q4 Technology Executive Council Survey found 58% of respondents use Teams, whereas 30% use Slack. CNBC conducted the survey between December 2 and 11, sampling 51 of the council’s 157 members.

Respondents are comprised of people who hold senior executive positions are major organizations. Also included are representatives of non-profits and government groups.

It is worth noting that the survey correlates with the numbers Microsoft offered last month. However, Slack never contested the raw figures, but instead claimed they were misleading.

Slack Hits Back

Slack is arguing that Microsoft Teams numbers are not that impressive at all. Microsoft says its service has 20 million active daily users and 27 million voice or video meetings were held last month. Slack says this means only a little over 1 monthly voice/video call per users.

Microsoft says Teams had 220 million filed edited, stored, or opened on its platform last month. As Slack points out, this would only mean 11 monthly actions related to files per active daily users.

“As we’ve said before, you can’t transform a workplace if people aren’t actually using your product,” a Slack spokesperson told me. “Slack continues to see unmatched engagement on our platform with 5+ billion weekly actions, including 1+ billion mobile actions. Among our paid customers, users spend more than 9 hours per workday connected to our service, including spending about 90 minutes per workday actively using Slack.”