Google has announced a major new feature for its Android Messages application. According to the company, users can now see verified SMS. Furthermore, Google is also introducing real-time spam detection to the Messages app.

“In addition to enhancing messaging on Android with Rich Communication Services (RCS) and bringing you helpful features with Messages, we also want to provide a safer messaging experience,” Google’s Roma Slyusarchuk writes.

In terms of Verified SMS, messages received will now show a business name, logo, and verification bade. These items will be included when Google can identify the business sending the messages. Verified SMS for Android Message is available now in the U.S., Mexico, France, India, Brazil, U.K., Spain, Philippines, and Canada.

Google says it plans to roll out the tool to more nations soon.

As for Spam Protection, this feature will inform users about messages that are suspected of being spam. Google has updated its spam models to issue the reports, allowing users to block conversations.

“This feature will you about suspected spam and let you help Google improve its spam models by letting you report spam texts in Messages at anytime and block conversations. Spam protection was previously available over the past year in “a number of countries,” Google says, although it’s coming to the U.S. more widely.

Android Messages for Web

Back in 2018, Google announced its new Android Messages for Web, which allows users to send text messages from PC.

Here are some features of the web-based tool:

Android Messages to text from your PC:

  1. Open Android Messages app on your phone.
  2. Tap the vertical … button for more and select Messages for Web.
  3. On your desktop, open in any browser, even Edge.
  4. When prompted, Scan the QR code. Your phone should now sync your messages to your PC automatically once both are connected to the internet.