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Microsoft Confirms Surface Duo and Surface Neo will Support Existing Apps

However, for the Surface Duo, Android applications will only work on one of the screens as Microsoft works on a solution.


introduced its smartphone alongside a powered in October. Since then the company has been drip feeding information about the products that are still a year away from launch. For example, Microsoft has now offered more information on app support.

As you may know, the Surface Duo and Surface Neo are dual screened folding book devices. Both present a different form factor. On Android and the Duo, this could present issues. 's platform already does merely an average job when porting apps to tablets. With the dual screens, how will apps look?

Microsoft says existing applications will work on both the Duo (from Google Play) and Neo (for the ). However, as expected there is a caveat when it comes to the Surface Duo. Redmond says Android and web apps will function on the Duo, but only on one screen.

“Your current websites and Android apps will continue to work and run on a single screen,” Microsoft said.

This means developers would not have to change methods to get apps to work on the Duo. However, it also means they can't reconfigure apps across both screens. Microsoft says it is working on solutions to get existing apps to work on both screens.

The company wants to avoid making developers re-code apps for the Duo. Such a step would mean many Android apps would be off limits and a solution for existing apps to work on the dual screen.

Surface Neo

As for the Surface Neo with Windows 10X, Microsoft says it will support UWP, Win32, and web applications. Again, Microsoft wants developers to jump on board and create apps for the dual form factor.

To do so, dev's need to use Microsoft's API's and make adjustments to their apps. It's a big question surrounding the Duo and Neo. Are developer's willing to make that jump and support the new hardware?

This should benefit all dual-screen and foldable devices. These kinds of devices also include the upcoming Surface Duo dual-screen phone running Android and Surface Neo dual-screen tablet running Windows 10X.

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