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Firefox 71 Arrives with FPN Expansion for WIndows 10

Mozilla has released Firefox 71 with continued improvement of its Enhanced Tracking Protection feature, which now reports trackers directly.


has released the latest version of its Firefox web browser. With Firefox 71, the open source company is doubling down on its push for online privacy through improved security tools.

This extends from the introduction of Enhanced Tracking Protection feature rolled out in June. Mozilla says the tool has blocked one trillion tracking requests since it launched.

A month ago, with the launch of Firefox 70, users received a privacy report that showed trackers that had been blocked. For Firefox 71, Mozilla is taking it a step further. The browser now sends a notification when it blocks web-based crypto-minters.

Behind the shield icon, users can also find a daily running tally of blocked trackers.

On Windows 10, Firefox 71 brings Picture-in-Picture video support. Users who want to keep watching a video while browsing can now hover over the video and select the “Picture-in-Picture” option. Once opened, the video window will be floating and allow other tabs to be opened.

Subscription Expansion

Mozilla has also announced it is moving to the next phase of the Firefox Private Network Beta. Specifically, the previous of FPN is extending to more people after the first round of previews in October.

If you're unfamiliar with FPN, it is a bundle subscription for Firefox. Mozilla provides 12 hours a month of FPN use. This allows trusted Wi-Fi networks to be encrypted through an in-built browser VPN.

“For unlimited access, you have the opportunity to join our invite-only VPN beta
We're nearly ready to invite our beta testers to try out Firefox Private Network full-device protection,” said Mozilla in a post on the Private Network site. “You can join the waitlist right now — before we open it up to the public. This invite-only VPN beta will protect your entire device and offers the option to switch between servers in 39 countries.”

Mozilla is currently offering the subscription for $4.99 per months. However, the company says its pricing is “evolving” to the fee could change in time. It is worth remembering FPN is currently only available in the US and is limited to the Windows 10 platform.

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