Back in September, AMD revealed its new Threadripper HDT, the third generation of the processor. At the time, the chipmaker said the new CPU would be landing in November. According to a report from Videocardz, the launch dates for the Threadripper 3000 series are now known.

According to the information, AMD will roll out a trio of 3000 series SKU models:

  • Threadripper 3960X
  • Threadripper 3970X
  • Threadripper 3990X

Looking at the 3960X, this seems to be the 24-core CPU AMD has previously discussed. Both the 3970X and 3990X are higher specification models the company has not revealed yet.

Elsewhere in the report, information about launch dates is provides. AMD will seemingly announce all three Threadripper third-generation models in November, with the 3960X and 3970X launching that month. The 3990X will arrive later in January 2020.

We will wait in AMD’s confirmation for the release dates but shouldn’t have to wait too long according to this information.

Surface Laptop 3

Earlier this month, Microsoft embraced AMD processing on its Surface hardware devices. The company launched a 15-inch variant of the new Surface Laptop 3 with an AMD processor.

An AMD Ryzen is on board with a Microsoft Surface edition of the processer. Panos described it as AMD’s most powerful processor ever. A collaboration between Microsoft and AMD, the AMD-powered Surface Laptop 3.

Because of AMD mobile processing and tweaks in Intel models, all Surface devices now support fast charging. Impressively, new Surface devices, including the Laptop 3 can charge in an hour up to 80%.