Microsoft Headquarter free use

Microsoft is continuing to win government contracts, this time gaining 84,500 users who were previously on Google Apps for Government. According to Federal News Network, a $94 million, 10-year contract was awarded by the Interior Department to Planet Technologies, who will migrate the users to Office 365.

“The cloud based solution will support DOI employees by improving work collaboration methods, documentation flows, communication capabilities, streamlined email usage and management and overall increased business performance of DOI’s mission, cost and support objectives,” says the statement of work. “DOI goals include developing an integrated partnership to build a project that transitions accounts, data, technical controls, authentication or access capabilities and applications that make up the current cloud email and collaboration system into a modernized, secure, service enriched, email and collaboration system.”

As noted by FNN, the $9.4 million a year marks a significant increase in costs. 2012 migration costs came in at around $7 million, but the technology has improved significantly since then.

Google did not protest its loss of the bid, despite it being one of its biggest. Its response is surprisingly mellow compared to the drama that arose when it won it in 2012. The contract was initially won by Microsoft in 2010, but a Google legal appeal led to withdrawal and Google’s win.

Microsoft recently beat Google to win the $8 billion DOES contract, which provided email and collaborative tools to the DoD. However, Microsoft is still fighting Amazon for the much-sought JEDI contract, a $10 billion deal that been the subject of much debate. The results were expected by now, but it’s currently being reviewed by the Pentagon after calls for it to be a multi-vendor solution.