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Microsoft Schedules Build 2020 for May 19th, Inspire for July 20th

Build 2020 will run from May 19 - 21, while fans can expect Inspire to begin on July 20. The events are likely to contain some major announcements from Microsoft.


has unveiled its event plans for the coming year, penning dates from Ignite, , the Microsoft Business Applications Summit, and Inspire. It seems the company is taking a proactive role in its scheduling this year, letting attendees better plan their time.

Though the date for Ignite, November 4, was already known, Microsoft Build was less certain. The tech giant tends to run it in May, but the dates aren't stable. It seems it'll be late May 19 launch this time, compared to the early month starts of the past couple of years.

Build is, of course, Microsoft's developer conference. As with Google's I/O and 's WWDC, though, it's become much more than that. Press and enthusiasts tune in to the event to hear the latest software news, from Azure to Windows 10, Office, AR, and AI.

Speaking of I/O, the later date may help Microsoft avoid a scheduling conflict with , which has been a frustration in recent times. As Google is yet to announce its dates, we're unable to say that for sure, however.

Build 2020 will run for the typical number of days, from May 19-21. The Business Applications Summit will be on April 20 and 21, while Inspire will start on July 20 and end on July 24. Here are the full dates and locations:

  • Microsoft Ignite: November 4-8, 2019 in Orlando, Florida
  • Microsoft Business Applications Summit: April 20-21, 2020 in Anaheim,
  • Microsoft Build 2020: May 19-21, 2020 in Seattle, Washington
  • Microsoft Inspire: July 20-24, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada

As well as the main events, the company is planning several tours. Ignite will come to 30 cities across the world, for example. The customary workshops and tutorials will also be running through this year and beyond.

You can view the full schedule for yourself on the Microsoft Events site.

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