Microsoft’s Your Phone app for Windows 10 is an interesting tool, but also frustrating. The Android device-mirroring solution has been available for a year, but its feature set remains sparse. For example, the ability to take calls from your smartphone on PC is not available yet.

Samsung has managed to offer a fleshed out mobile-to-desktop experience with its revamped DeX app. Microsoft seems to be dragging its feet even though features like MMS support and notifications are now available on the Inside for Your Phone users.

According to Aggiornamenti Lumia, Microsoft is also a step closer to phone call support on Your Phone. Citing screenshots of a dial pad in the app, and a New Calls section, it seems Microsoft is readying the feature.

It is worth noting at Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 event, Microsoft hinted call support was imminent. Microsoft did not offer specifics on how this feature will work and we are interested to see if users can also make calls from their PC without touching their smartphone.

“Later this year, we are planning to introduce the ability to make and receive mobile calls directly from your PC. Accept the call, reply with a text, or send the caller to voicemail right from your PC,” Microsoft said.

Screen Mirrored

In today’s report, details on the solutions were offered. For example, users would be able to see their phone screen on PC. Calls would be manageable on desktop, while pop-up notifications and app badges would also sync for incoming calls.

Microsoft is clearly still in development on this tool, but we hope it lands on Skip Ahead soon. Indeed, with the Surface hardware launch just around the corner, the event could be an ideal platform to expand Your Phone’s capabilities.