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Google Photos Could Soon Support Next-Day Photo Prints

Google Photos has pointers to an upcoming ability for ordering next day photo prints in standard and canvas sizes.


Smartphone technology is fairly uniform, with flagship devices usually having similar performance and screen quality. However, some areas provide differentiator, such as design, battery life, and camera. In terms of the latter, Photos has increasingly been trying to make a platform that appeals to photographers.

A new feature in development for Google Photos will allow users to take an image and order a print for next-day pickup. In the app, a section would be added for image prints to be ordered directly.

If you use Google Photos you will know the ability to order prints is not a new tool. Indeed, users have been able to order photo books since 2017. However, 9to5Google reports Google is refining the service to allow next-day prints.

Looking at Google Photos 4.24 on Android, the app revealed pointers to standard 4×6-inch prints for “same day pickup from CVS or Walmart”.

As those two retailers are mentioned specifically, we guess Google has partnered with them exclusively. Whether that remains the case long term remains to be seen. Not least because the company already allows prints in Canada, the UK, Germany, and France.

Larger Prints

Google Photos users will be able to see canvas prints available across three sizes:m8x8in, 11x14in and 16x20in. Available in either white or black wrap, these images will be poster-sized for mounting on walls.

It is worth noting Walmart and CVS don't currently offer next day pickup for canvas prints. With that in mind, it seems Google will use another retailer to fulfill those orders.

It is worth nothing these options are still in development and not even available in preview. We guess Google will eventually roll them out, but there are no guarantees.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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