Microsoft Launcher is a popular Android tool and among the most respected launchers on the platform. However, Microsoft has confirmed the Launcher has a bug that is causing problems on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10.

Note 10 users have said the notification badge on the home screen is showing 99+ notifications in the phone app. Missed calls that have been resolved are included in the notifications. While it’s clearly not a huge problem, it is annoying and could mean missing a notification that is new and important.

Ben Rudolph, an ex-employee of Redmond revealed he has the issue and reached out to Microsoft on Twitter. He is not alone. and it seems the problem is widespread, although some users say it has mysteriously resolved itself today.

Microsoft has responded to Microsoft Launcher users on the Galaxy Note 10. Vishnu Nath, Director of Mobile Experience at Microsoft said the company is investigating.

Samsung Collaboration

The Microsoft Launcher bug comes just two weeks after Microsoft and Samsung expanded their partnership.

Microsoft took to the stage at Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 launch and promised a “seamless productivity experiences across devices, applications, and services.” Apps and services will now be more deeply integrated into the Samsung mobile experience.

Microsoft also highlighted how the Galaxy Note 10 is now working more deeply with Windows. A new feature called “Link to Windows” provides a direct link to Your Phone through the Quick Panel. Users can directly manage notifications, sync photos, send messages, and more through mirroring their smartphone on Windows.