343 Industries has ended support for its Windows 10 Halo app. Though somewhat useful, its 2016 announcement wasn’t met with particular enthusiasm and the dev is looking to shift resources to other areas.

“As the 343 Team looks ahead and works on the future of Halo, we periodically take stock of everything we currently operate and support across the entire franchise ecosystem,” the developer said on Thursday. “As time goes by, various applications and services fall out of scope and are de-prioritized as they are no longer a key component of our future plans and aspirations. Ceasing support and operation of these legacy offerings frees up resources that can be re-deployed on better services for the future”.

The app is set to lose support today but is currently still available on the Microsoft Store. Among other things, it lets users view behind the scenes documentaries, multiplayer strategies, and access to an encyclopedia of characters and locations. It also acted as a hub for launching Windows 10 Halo Games such as Halo Wars 2, Halo 5, and The Master Chief Collection.

It’s on that final collection that 343 Industries is focusing much of its efforts. It previously told players of Halo Wars 2 that it would be halting support while the team assisted with the MCC’s graphical upgrade and PC conversion.

With the Master Chief collection planned to launch on the Microsoft Store and Steam this year, there will be other avenues to launch the games. It’s possible the collection will come with another launcher, but players will likely be happy to manage them via Steam.

Meanwhile, fans can get their latest news, guide, and other content on Halo Waypoint and Halo.gg. The Halo app will continue to be populated with Halo Wars 2 status until 2020, but no other content will be added.