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Yammer on iOS and Android Receives Overhaul Encompassing New Design, Security, and Connectivity Features

Microsoft has introduced a new mobile experience for Yammer, including a new app design and ability to participate in live events.


has announced an update for its Yammer mobile app. Perhaps update is underselling this release as it is an overhaul of the whole mobile experience. With this upgrade, Microsoft is changing the UI design and creating a fully featured Yammer for mobile devices.

Yammer is a business social network that gives organizations the ability to connect individuals within a company. Microsoft acquired the company in 2012 for $1.2 billion.

Transforming the look and feel of Yammer on mobile has started with the app logo, which is now in line with Microsoft's aesthetic . Design changes have also been made to the UI, with a new landing page pushing users directly into the feed so they can get working quicker.

Microsoft wants leaders and communities to be able to connect more easily and in different ways. With that in mind, the app now supports participation in Live Event on iOS and .

Furthermore, both platforms are also receiving question and answer capabilities. These tools can be accessed in Live Event or in a Yammer group. Microsoft introduced Live Events on Yammer in March, alongside integration with .

In an effort to create confidence in security, Microsoft says all push notifications sent through Yammer on mobile are now encrypted. This is full end-to-end encryption.


Below are all the changes made to the mobile experience:

  • “We're excited to share a new landing experience that takes you right to your feed so you can get caught up on what's happening across your network, just as it works on Yammer's web client.
  • To enable leaders to communicate broadly to their company or bring members of a community together around an event, we now support participation in a live event across iOS and Android.
  • We have started rolling out community and knowledge features starting with question and answer capability on iOS and Android. Users can now ask questions and solicit answers either in a Yammer group or during a Live Event. The author or admin can then select the best answer from the list of answers.
  • We have prioritized making your data more secure by encrypting push notifications all the way from our servers to your phone for both Yammer iOS and Android apps.
  • Search is critical and saves you time. We've extended search capabilities in groups. You can now search for conversations, files, and members directly within the context of a group to find information quickly.
  • You can now see how many users have read a post on mobile, too. Seen counts are available on iOS today and we have started rolling this out for Android.
  • You can now view your pinned links and group files through the group page on iOS and Android.”
Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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