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Samsung Patent Suggests Galaxy Active Smartwatch that Can Read Body Composition

A newly discovered patent points to a Galaxy Active watch with the ability to read the body composition of the wearer.


In terms of straight-ahead smartwatches, the Watch remains the dominant device on the market. Rival has done a lot to address the balance. In typical Samsung fashion, the company wants to throw features are its to see which one's stick. One in-development Galaxy Active watch feature could be interesting.

If you are unfamiliar with the Galaxy Active, it is Samsung's latest wearable. More affordable and compact than the flagship Galaxy Watch, the Active cuts a nice balance.

A newly discovered patent shows Samsung is working on a feature that would allow the Active to measure body composition of a wearer. The patent describes a device that uses bioelectrical readings to read composition.

Such a device will use bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) to receive a reading of fat quantities and moisture through low energy alternating current (AC) based on electric resistance differences between adipose tissue and non-adipose tissue.

Implementing the technology into a would probably mean a sensor placed into the strap. Most wearables allow users to switch straps easily, so we guess this could mean a special strap variant for the Galaxy Active. In turn, this means Samsung may not need to release a new generation watch, but simply release a new strap.

Fitness Benefits

Many companies are competing to create the best fitness tools into their wearables. While the smartwatch market has enjoyed steady but unspectacular growth, the fitness band market has exploded. From dedicated exercise aficionados to people just counting steps on their commute, fitness wearables are becoming increasingly popular.

Samsung seems attempting to position the Galaxy Active as the perfect bridge device between fitness band and full smartwatch.

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Luke Jones
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