A set of newly discovered benchmarks seem to indicate good news for AMD ahead of the release of its Zen 2 processors on July 7. After making big strides in the value and midrange market, it seems Ryzen will go toe-to-toe with Intel’s flagship consumer i9-9900K.

As discovered by Twitter’s APISAK, SiSoftware users have published several benchmarks for the 3700X. These include scores for arithmetic, multi-media, multi-core efficiency, power management, analysis, and image processing.

A Comparison with the i9-9900k’s scores reveals promising results. The 7 3700X managed a score of 568.02 vs the 9900K’s 494.13 in image processing. It edged ahead by 9% in multimedia processing, with 860.88 vs 792.28.

An Imperfect Comparison

When it comes to processor arithmetic, though the 9900K wins. A comparison puts the Intel chip at 303.56 vs AMD’s 282.37. When it comes to processor multi-media, the i9 also wins, with 882.22 Mpix/s vs Ryzen’s 851.44 Mpix/s.

The results for AMD’s 8-core were from an Asus ROG Crosshair VII Hero motherboard, but the site doesn’t reveal RAM speed. As this can have a big impact on the speed of Ryzen CPUs, this could heavily skew the results. Another test with the ASUS PRIME X470-PRO bumped the arithmetic score up to 303.91 GOPS, for example, with is slightly ahead of Intel.

Intel’s scores, meanwhile, are based on aggregation from user benchmarks. As such, they could be more accurate, but in general, user benchmarks still aren’t a good indicator. Press comparisons should appear with the release and will remove any bottlenecks or variance.

Either way, it’s worth noting the price. The 9900K comes in at a hefty $499, while AMD’s chip will retail at just $329. If it can provide comparable performance in some areas at $170 less, it could still end up a popular choice.