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Twitch Announces Subscriber Streams for Channel Exclusivity

Twitch is currently testing a new feature called Subscriber Streams, which allow channels to put a subscription on their content.


is the leading online platform for , and it is completely free to use. However, the company also has a paid subscription level that gives users some extra perks, such as exclusive chats and custom emotes.

Now Twitch is aiming to give its subscribers more through a new beta tool called Subscriber Streams. As you may be able to gather, this feature provides streams that are exclusive to a channel paying a subscription.

Twitch says Subscriber Streams will give users an added reason to subscribe to their favorite streamers.

There are some requirements in place before you can access Subscriber Streams:

  1. The streamer must be a Twitch Affiliate or Twitch Partner.
  2. The streamer must have broadcasted at least 90 unique days as Affiliate or Partner
  3. The streamer must not have violated the Twitch Community Guidelines in their last 90 unique broadcast days. This means that if their channel received a suspension, they would need to broadcast on 90 different days without another violation to be eligible again.

In its official announcement, Twitch says Subscriber Streams should not be considered a way of making stream private. All users will be able to preview the content on a channel and then decide if they will subscribe.

“Subscriber Streams will automatically be tagged “Subscriber Stream” for easy discoverability, and the tag cannot be removed. Subscriber Streams will also feature a star icon (like the one on the Subscribe button) in the left nav on twitch.tv.”

Twitch Success

As mentioned, Twitch is the leading platform for game streaming. While other companies have tried to compete with the company, most efforts have struggled. For example, 's Mixer was a robust alternative to Twitch, boasting interesting features.

However, Microsoft is now reportedly removing staff from the Mixer team. Yes, that's always a sign a service is struggling, and Mixer is now looking like it might become a failed project.

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