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Here Are All the New Microsoft 365 Features from June

Microsoft 365 has received a number of improvements this month, from security and compliance to inking capabilities in Outlook and company-focused templates for PowerPoint designer.


As the month comes to a close, the team has again collated all the new features that came to its suite. In June, productivity software across the board gained enhanced security, while Yammer and Teams got compliance functionality and PowerPoint Designer further tools.

On the security side of things, made additions to Cloud App Security which lets admins see hidden processes running on top of their IaaS and PaaS subscriptions. It also introduced Azure AD conditional access policies to all, which lets admins control who has access to what company resources depending on how they're accessed.

These combine with the generally available Identity Secure Score, which provides analytics of an organization's security and gives them recommendations of how to improve. The service also gives guidance on how to implement those tips.

PowerPoint, Outlook, and Compliance

Moving on to the actual apps, Microsoft has introduced some interesting functionality to PowerPoint and Outlook, while making it easier to find documents across the board.

In PowerPoint, the Designer now works with company branded templates, letting users quickly craft content that's on-brand while recommending high-quality, full-licensed photo backgrounds.

Meanwhile, Outlook has received full inking capabilities. It now works exactly the same as OneNote, Word, and more, enabling easy annotations and drawings. On iOS, Outlook users will note the addition of recently used files, which tie into the suite's various apps for quick sharing via email.

Finally, in less exciting news, Teams, Yammer, and Multi-Geo capabilities have been upgraded to help with compliance. Teams lets you limit information disclosure by introducing communication barriers for certain groups or users. In Yammer, there's support for local data residency, which will be useful for EU organizations.

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