Microsoft Issues First Windows Server 20H1 Preview

Windows Server 20H1 appears to now be testing on the Insider Program under a Windows Server vNext name, skipping the 19H2 branch.

This week, started publicly fronting its Server vNext, the next major feature release for Windows Server. While the company did not confirm, the consensus is this is part of Windows Server 20H1, while will be released next year. That conclusion is reached because the Windows Server vNext build is numbered 18917, which is the same build as the Windows 10 preview released on the 20H1 channel last week. Furthermore, Microsoft's use of vNext could be telling. If this was the next Windows Server semi-annual release, it would be numbered 19H2. As you may know, Microsoft has yet to start flighting any previews for 19H2, on or Server. It is increasingly looking likely the issued during the second half of this year will be an incremental release and add few new features. Clearly, Microsoft sees 20H1 as the more important branch. Either way, it seems that Windows Server vNext is the 20H1 build of Windows Server. The update has made some changes, including adding more tools to the Virtual Machines features. Elsewhere, Microsoft has added Import and Export buttons to Windows Server on the Inside. As their names suggest, the buttons can import and export virtual machines (VMs) to local or remove file share.

Hyper-V Server

Also bundled into the Windows Server 20H1 preview is a feature for tagging VMs on Hyper-V servers. Speaking of Hyper-V Server, Microsoft finally launched Hyper-V Server 2019 this week after delaying the platform for months. For some reason, the has been delayed. By how much depends, but it is certainly launching months behind schedule. If we look at Windows Server as a release barometer, Hyper-V Server 2019 may be as much as eight months late. If you want to know more about Windows Server vNext (20H1), head to Microsoft's official blog post here.