Xbox One GamePad Source Pixabay

Apple is making an increasing push with its Apple TV product as it seeks to diversify away from declining iPhone sales. In an effort to make Apple TV more compatible with other devices, the company is planning support for Xbox One and PS4 Controllers.

Indeed, Apple will take it a step further and bring console controller support across its devices. Yes, that even includes iOS products such as the iPhone and iPad.

For Apple TV, Xbox One and PS4 controller support will be part of the company’s upcoming tvOS update. Navigating the digital TV box will become easier with controller support.


As for iPhone and iPad support, Apple will introduce controller support through its iOS 13 update. The company is hosting its WWDC developer event is ongoing, where iOS 13 was launched today.

This is a step forward for the company as controller support has previously been limited to just MFi Bluetooth controllers. Users who game frequently on their iOS device will now have Xbox One or PS4 controllers to choose from.

Mobile games, while offering rich graphical and last-generation console capabilities, have been hampered by virtual controls. Yes, virtual controls get the job done, but they lack the tactile feel of a physical pad and harm the gaming experience. If you play Fortnite on your iPhone, iOS 13 is about to make your life better.

Minecraft Earth

At WWDC this week, Microsoft had a presence at Apple’s conference. The company showcased a demo of Minecraft Earth during the conference.

Announced last month, Minecraft Earth is Microsoft’s first augmented reality game.

In the demo, two players worked collaboratively in a world on a table, similarly to Microsoft’s E3 2015 HoloLens demo. They then moved to the stage, experiencing the world to scale. Animals in the game also flocked to the player’s position.