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Microsoft Introduces Python Windows 10 App to Microsoft Store

Microsoft is making it easier for developers to work with Python on Windows 10 through a new Microsoft Store application.


is among the most popular coding languages, not least because it is easy to use and easy to read. has never built Python into Windows, making it a frustrating experience trying to implement the language onto the platform. Now the Microsoft Python team wants to make it easier to implement the language on .

Many tutorials exists for learning Python code on Windows 10. However, these guides typically skip the absolute basics and assume most people interested in code have already passed this step. The Python team was to make it easier for Windows 10 users to access the language.

Firstly, the team helped create an installation of Python on the . Through this application, users can find clear instructions on installing and using the language on Windows 10. In fact, installing the up will get you up and running with Python quickly.

A Windows DevBlog post describes how the new app functions:

“It's been widely known for many years that Windows is the only mainstream operating system that does not include a Python interpreter out of the box. For many users who are never going to need it, this helps reduce the size and improve the security of the operating system. But for those of us who do need it, Python's absence has been keenly felt.

Once you discover that you need to get Python, you are quickly faced with many choices. Will you download an installer from python.org? Or perhaps a distribution such as Anaconda? The installer is also an option. And which version? How will you access it after it's been installed? You quickly find more answers than you need, and depending on your situation, any of them might be correct.

We spent time figuring out why someone would hit the error above and what help they need. If you're already a Python expert with complex needs, you probably know how to install and use it. It's much more likely that someone will hit this problem the first time they are trying to use Python. Many of the teachers we spoke to confirmed this hypothesis – students encounter this far more often than experienced developers.

So we made things easier.”

Windows Search Changes

Microsoft has taken it further by allowing Python to be integrated into the Windows Search function. A search terms for “Python” will take the user directly to the Microsoft Store app. It is worth noting this is only available on the Windows 10 May 2019 Update that launched this week.

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