A team of Microsoft engineers have started a dedicated blog that will focus on Google’s Android mobile platform.

On the face of that statement, something seems wrong. After-all, why would Microsoft write a blog about a rival company’s OS? Well, this is not a blog to discuss the merits of Android but more to talk up Microsoft services that are available on the platform.

Imaginatively titled [email protected], the blog will focus on Microsoft’s apps and how Android works in general with them.


It actually makes plenty of sense for Microsoft to be exploring Android in this way. The company is one of the leading developers on the platform. Indeed, in terms of Microsoft’s mobile output since the shuttering of Windows Phone, being a developer on iOS and Android is all the company has got.

As the blog points out, the Google Play Store is home to numerous Microsoft applications:

“Microsoft is one of the most important publishers in the Google Play Store with more than 65 apps published and an average rating of 4.3 stars.”

App Success

Some of those apps are widely respected and much used. For example, LinkedIn, Skype, Outlook, OneDrive, Office, SwiftKey, and Microsoft Teams. Others are more low-key dedicated apps that have become favorites on mobile devices, such as Microsoft Launcher and Microsoft To-Do.

“With so many amazing published apps, with so many amazing and talented engineers behind them, we believe it’s also our duty to give something back to the community.

Starting very soon, we are going to start sharing blog posts written by Microsoft engineers who work on your favorite Android apps.”

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