Google Maps has been promising real-time map placement regarding charging stations for electric vehicles (EV) since back in October. It has been a while coming, but today Google announced Maps does indeed show real-time availability details for charging stations.

At the moment, the feature is available in the United States and United Kingdom. Over the last six months, Google Maps has been developing the ability, which shows different charging stations on routes.

Owners of electric vehicles can now see which charging stations have a space for them to charge their cars. Stations can be located by searching “EV charging stations” on Google Maps. The app connects with companies such as SemaConnect, EVgo, and Chargemaster to see which stations are available.

Included in the map information is the location of the stations, its charging speeds, availability, and port types. Google says ChargePoint is another supplier that will be integrated soon.

Google Maps Product Manager Alex Donaldson wrote in a blog post:

“If you’ve ever driven to an electric vehicle charging station only to find that all ports are occupied, you know that you could end up waiting in line for anywhere between minutes to hours—which can really put a damper on your day when you have places to go and things to do.”


Drivers are also able to upload images and show them on Maps. Other features include the ability to rate stations, ask questions about them, and leave a review. Google hopes drivers will be able to help each other choose which stations are best and most usable.

Real-time EV charging information is now available on Android, iOS, Android Auto, and desktop.